Crescent Productions is focused on creating high quality historical and cultural documentary films that promote tolerance and understanding between different cultures and religions.

In particular, we aim to produce documentaries that educate about the religion of Islam, the diversity of Muslim societies and cultures, and the rich history of Muslim civilizations.

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Ismaili producers explore ideas and perspectives with passion and purpose - The Ismaili, Profile of Aleem Karmali, Nov. 28 2011

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Transmission: A portrait of an Ismaili Muslim family in Tajik Badakhshan (2010)

How was religion able to survive the harsh atheist rule of the Soviet Union?

This portrait of an Ismaili Muslim family in Tajik Badakhshan tells a story of the survival and reinvigoration of faith in Soviet and post-Soviet times.

Home Away From Home: The Return of Ismaili Muslims to Uganda (2009)

What draws refugees back home? Is it still their home? What is a 'home'?

Profiling four Ismaili Muslims who left Uganda as refugees in 1972 but have moved back, this film looks at their experiences and reasons for return.

Featured Video

Advancing the Islamic Intellectual Tradition (2006) - 10 min.

This documentary looks at what the establishment of the new Chair in Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta means to Muslims and the wider community in Edmonton and Canada, in terms of the diversity of traditions, cultures and interpretations within Islam.

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