Aleem Karmali headshot 2023 wide

Aleem Karmali - Director & Producer

Crescent Productions is a media production company focused on promoting greater understanding and tolerance of different cultures and religions, with a particular focus on educating about Islam, the diversity amongst Muslim cultures, and the rich history of Muslim civilizations.


Crescent Productions was founded in 2001 by Aleem Karmali, an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and educator who works at the intersections of culture, history, and religion. He aims to produce creative, balanced, and intelligent films about Islam and Muslim societies.

Aleem has produced numerous documentaries, short films, educational videos, and stage performances in several countries, including Canada, Tajikistan, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. His works have screened at academic conferences, film festivals, during live performances, and various other events. He is also an accomplished public speaker and educator.

Aleem's educational background combines academic, creative and technical pursuits. This includes an MA in Visual Anthropology, a post-graduate certificate in Islamic Studies and Humanities, and a BA in Communication Studies and Sociology.